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Fukuoka is the largest city in Kyushu, located in the western part of Japan. The population of Kyushu is about 13 million people, and its GDP is about 460 billion USD. Because of its location in western Japan, it has many foreign students from China and Korea which continues Kyushu’s historical interchange with other Asian countries.

Fukuoka is home to one of Japan’s securities exchanges.

North Kyushu is a centre of manufacturing, including iron manufacture, and there are factories such as Toyota and Nissan. It is a major hub of the auto industry, but in recent years, mail ordering businesses and the gaming industry have been thriving. On the other hand, it is an agriculture area, and South Kyushu has long supplied good quality farm products.

There are numerous hot springs and golf courses and a lot of recreation facilities including theme parks in Kyushu. And so, Kyushu is very popular with tourists.