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Strategic Geographical Position

Strategically located in the South East Asia, Malaysia, truly Asia, is a nation conjugated by Peninsular Malaysia and the States of Sabah and Sarawak within the Island of Borneo.

Malaysia, an instrumentalist of orchestra, with fine tune, is composed and harmonised by the Malay, Chinese, Indian and the less beat of Ibans, Kadazans and others. Malaysia, the beginning of unity, enjoys freedom in all aspect, including religion.

Not too big a country in the world map with lands of approximately 328,550 sq km, Malaysia has lots to offer. Malaysia is indeed, the heaven for nature lovers. The National Park of Malaysia, also known as the oldest rainforest in world, is a must visit for adventurers. Other than the National Park, there are many other reserved parks in Malaysia which house the variety of flora, fauna and distinctive species of wildlife. Pulau Redang, Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Sipadan and many other islands are another attraction in Malaysia. Nature lovers from all over the world have been to these islands and many are coming back for the second time, perhaps many more times with their loved ones and friends.

Being a safe and visitor friendly country, Malaysia is the best destination for shoppers. Some of the biggest shopping malls in the worlds are found in Malaysia; amongst which include the Mid Valley Megamall, the KLCC and the Bintang Walk.

Financial and economic

Malaysia, a nation with politic and economic stability, is lead by the Federal Parliamentary Democracy with a constitutional monarch who is rotated within the nine (9) ruling caring Sultans and reigns for four (4) years. The Prime Minister heads the Cabinet, with 69 members Senate and a 193 member of the House of Representatives which subject to the general election in every 5 years.

Since the Independence in 1957, Malaysia has successfully transformed herself from an agriculture-based economy to a manufacturing-based economy. On top of that, Malaysia is now being recognised as one of the most promising emerging economies in the world.

Malaysia today is an advanced nation with first class infrastructure and facilities. The nation is progressive, peaceful and is being led by a ruling party which is represented by all races. The unique blend of ruling formula formulated by the ruling party has ensured the continued growth of the nation. As a result, the people of Malaysia receive high quality education and good health care. Combining the success factors above, Malaysia has become a heaven destination for investment. Local business, ranging from the simplest sole proprietorship to multinationals, alongside international multinationals, has been prosperous in their business ventures in Malaysia. This is evident from the resilience of the economy in the aftermath of the various global financial crises. Despite the fact that Malaysia is a developing country, the sound financial management and swift action taken by the Government have directed the nation towards not only with seamless recovery but with progress.

A good regulatory structure, coupled with a visionary Government, Malaysia is destined so become a regional financial centre. Investors will find the investment weather in Malaysia to be conducive as Malaysia has in place a series of investment incentives and strong force of professionals in different industries.