AicA | Alliance of Inter-Continental Accountants

Global member - Taiwan

DEAN CO.,CPAS is one of several Accounting Firms from Taiwan with offices in China Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It was incorporated and controlled by Chieh Te-Chang CPA . In Taiwan, DEAN mainly provides services of Auditing, Industrial and Commercial Registration, Outsourcing of Accounting and Taxes, Overseas Company Registration as well as Assistance of Investment from China Mainland in Taiwan, Personal Property Planning Services and Cross-border Taxation Planning Services. In 2001, DEAN Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was established in Shanghai. Its businesses covers consulting services in laws, regulations and practices in International Investment Planning, Industrial and Commercial Registration, Financial Accounting, Planning of Lease Tax and Other Levies, Foreign Exchange Management, Labor and Personnel, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financing Methods, Planning of Investment in Real Estate and Marketing Information for Taiwanese enterprises stepping into Chinese market. It also provides professional integration services between Taiwan and Chinese Mainland.

To provide customers with worldwide high-quality and professional services, DEAN CO.,CPAS joined the Alliance of Inter-Continental Accountants ("AicA") in 1996 and became a member of the international alliance.

Service Concept of DEAN: Accurate, Well-Executed And Timely

DEAN ensures

Accurate for its mastery of changes in environment and policies

Well-Executed for excellent communications and power of execution

Timely for its sense of mission and duty without restriction of time and space