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Shenzhen is a provincially administered municipality under Guangdong Province. Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is where the municipality situates. It locates on the east bund of Zhujiang Delta. Its south connects with the worldwide financial center – Hong Kong.

The city occupies 1,952.84 square miles within which there are more than 310 rivers that are water system belong to Dongjiang River, Coast Bay and Zhujiang River respectively. So far it has more than 220 water conservancy works among which 172 are reservoir. Shenzhen Reservoir, situating in east region of the city, is the major water source for Shenzhen and Hong Kong residents.

Shenzhen has 230 miles coastline which contains rich marine resources and natural gulf port. It also has plentiful natural tourism resources including golden coast sight, red forest, etc.


Up to the end of 2011, Shenzhen has total population over 15,000,000 of which non-local domiciliary residents are around 12,800,000, over 85%.


Official: Mandarin
Dialect: Cantonese


Shenzhen is the first special economic zone set up in China. Since 1980, Shenzhen becomes the pilot city implementing China's open door policy and modernization construction. With 30 years development, it has changed from a small border town to an international modern city with population over 10 million. It has become a miracle in the world history of industrialization, urbanization and modernization.

Shenzhen is an important hi-tech research and development and manufacturing base in southern China. It is also the fourth biggest container port and the fourth biggest airport. Four industries – hi-tech, modern logistic, financial service and culture industry have become the pillar industries of the city. In 2010, biology, internet and new energy quickly grew up and became the new engine of its economic development, the growth achieved 3%, 24.2% and 29.3% respectively.

In 2011, Shenzhen's GDP aggregate was just behind Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, at fourth place. In "2011 China metropolis competitiveness report published by Chinese Academy of Social Science, Shenzhen was ranked No.4, just behind Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Due to its superior geographic location and the important position in the state strategic economic development, Shenzhen, with no doubt, plays a critical role in the set up and development of Zhujiang Delta metropolis circle. Up to 2020, Canton-HK-Macau metropolis circle is expected to become one of the most metropolis circles in the world. Shenzhen and Hong Kong will cooperate to build one of the five biggest worldwide centers.