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A Partnership To Progress

In the prevailing atmosphere of hope and enthusiasm to develop economy of the country, HENDRIK & REKAN (formerly Arsyad & Rekan) was founded to provide accounting, tax and management consulting services to carter to the requirements of business investors in the new spirit of enterprise.

Arsyad & Rekan has grown enormously since established in 1987. In 1999 some professional from the Big Five-Audit Firm have joint to strengthen our audit and consulting base. In 2017, Arsyad & Rekan changed name to be Hendrik & Rekan.
Today with our professionals who have highly educated, dedicated and experienced in their respective fields, we servicing the needs of business sectors anywhere in the country through our office in Sudirman Plaza - Plaza Marein 17th Floor, South Jakarta.

We are pleased with the success of our many clients over the past 30 years. We believe that it is these successes with have given us the opportunity to develop our portfolio of professional services and to assist the business sector to carry out its role as engine for economic growth.

We serve a wide variety of clients and to meet opportunities and challenges of the fast growing business. Our clients include national and international enterprise and fast-growing smaller business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients succeed in the market place by exceeding their expectations and delivering value.

We firmly believe that the success achieved by our clients is strong and solid foundation for national development and we take pride in assisting them to carry out this role. We aim to be recognized as professional services organization, with the highest standards of professional ethics, integrity and solid tradition of social as well as corporate responsibility.

Our Services

The services offered by our firm among others include:

A Commitment to Service Excellence

We are firmly committed to achieving excellence in everything we do and at every aspect of our practise. This philosophy and commitment are embedded in our full service approach where quality, dependability, innovation and client satisfaction have become the hallmarks of our superior service delivery. To live up to this commitment, professional integrity, service ethics and through understanding of our clients’ business needs have been cast as the foundation for providing trusted advice that will assist our clients to achieve their business goals.

We are driven by our commitment to continuously meet and exceed our clients’ expectation. We believe that our pursuit of excellence should be a never-ending process. In line with this, we keep on seeking new and better ways to assist our clients to achieve the edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

An Integrated Appoach

As globalisation begins to unfold, challenges to be faced by business have correspondingly become more diverse and complex. To be more responsive to the increasing sophistication of market requirements, quickly were beyond the traditional audit of financial statement to become a reliable provider of practical, future-oriented business solutions.

Through our business-oriented approach by which we conduct financial audits, we know our clients’ business and understand well the issues confronting them and the environment in which they operate. Our wide range of business advisory services has enabled our clients to increase profitability through creation of new markets, to provide effective cost and productivity management, to strengthen their financial bases and to enhance efficiency through corporate restructuring and reorganization.

Our objective is to create value of our clients and in the area of consultancy we are proud of our ability to function as a business architect, where we are able to advice clients on complex matters related to corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, financial reengineering and a whole host of other specialized corporate financial advisory and operational consultancy services.

In the area of taxation, our tax consulting services and compliance services have assisted companies in managing their tax affairs effectively through efficient tax management systems. Our practical tax advice has helped business to structure transactions using the most tax efficient methods.

Investing In People

At HENDRIK & REKAN we value our highly trained professionals. We believe that our clients’ interest can be best served only by the finest professionals who bring with them disciplines and core competence in a variety of specialist fields.

Our corporate culture is conducive to empowering staff to utilize their skills and creativity to provide future-oriented business solutions to our clients. Our professionals are hardworking, service orientated and highly motivated, capable of applying flexible and innovative thinking into all aspects of practice and management.

Facing The Future

The past 30 years has been rewarding yet not an easy journey for our firm. The success we have achieved over these years inspires and energizes us to strive even harder to effectively perform our role as catalyst for development and national progress. The future holds many challenges and uncertainties yet undoubtedly a bounding with opportunities and hope.

As the world moves on towards the 21st century and as Indonesia takes off the second phase of its national development, our firm face the future with the enthusiasm and strong commitment to play an even larger part in our national development, and to be instrumental to our clients’ success by providing innovative, focused and consistently high quality advisory services.

Client Service Standards

  1. Determine, on each engagement, who our clients are and directly as certain their expectations for our performance.
  2. Analyse our clients’ needs and professional service requirements.
  3. Develop client service objectives that will enable us to fulfil our professional
  4. responsibilities, satisfy our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Prepare an appropriate client service plan to achieve these client service objectives.
  5. Execute the client service plan in a manner that ensures commitments are met, potential problems anticipated and surprises avoided.
  6. Establish effective and creative communications, both internal and external, to enhance client perceptions of the value and quality for our service.
  7. Provide management with insights on the condition of their business and meaningful suggestions for improvement.
  8. Continually broaden and strengthen our relationships with key management personnel to facilitate effective communication and foster client loyalty.
  9. Ensure that any professional, technical or client service problem is resolved promptly with timely consultation in an environment of mutual respect.
  10. Obtain from the client, either formally or informally, a regular assessment of our performance.
  11. Receive fees that reflect the value of services provided and responsibilities assumed and are considered fair and reasonable by our clients.


Liauw Hendrik, is a Partner. He was a former auditor in KPMG, Jakarta with specialization in business consulting and auditing of various industries. He is a Certified Public Accountant. He has over twenty (20) years of experience in financial consulting and auditing.

Ang An Ki, is a Partner. He was a former auditor of Arthur Andersen & Co., Jakarta with specialization in business consulting and auditing of various industries. He is a Certified Public Accountant. He has over twenty (20) years of experience in financial consulting and auditing

Jenny S. Sutanto, is a Partner in Hendrik & Rekan. She was a former manager of Arthur Andersen & Co, Jakarta, with specialization in business and tax consulting of various industries. She is a Chartered Accountant. She has over twenty (20) years of experience in financial and tax consulting.